Photo Album Scanning

Times and technologies change, but you don’t have to leave them behind.

Organize, archive, print and share! Yes it can really be that easy. Simply start by determining the negative or transparency size by using the printable chart below. Then bring in your film and we will do the rest.

What you need to know.

Estimated in Lab Time: 5 – 7 Days

is this the right scanning option?

This service is best suited for the times when you can't remove your photographs from the album or scrapbook. If you can remove the photographs from your albums then you may want to use the Shoebox Scanning service.

Finished format

When scanning your pages they are scanned as a whole page. If you are needing the photographs returned as individual digital files there is an extra cropping charge.

Photo cleanup

Over the years photographs can start to fade or color shift even if they are in a photo album. We can clean up your photos once they are scanned for a extra charge.