Individual Print Scanning

Organize, archive, print and share!

Archive your prints by converting them to a digital file that can easily be reproduced. Once converted you can share them with family and friends through prints, email or archival media such as CD, DVD or USB Thumb Drive.

What you need to know.

Estimated in Lab Time: 2 – 5 Days

Scanning Options

We offer a variety of options for scanning your photographs or artwork. Photographs that are 11x14 and smaller are typically scanned on our flatbed scanners at size at 300dpi. Photographs that are larger than 11x14 can either be shot digitally in our studio or scanned via our Fine Art Cruise Camera Scan option. Fine Art Cruise Camera Scans are the ultimate high resolution scan. Best used when the utmost detail is needed for reproduction.


Retouching and restoration is available upon request. (Requires quote from Lab Technician. Please add extra lab time for retouching).

Prints from Scans

‚ÄčAll reprints from Individual Print Scans will be priced as Full Service Prints.