Want to ensure your photos last a lifetime?

Need to upload a file for us to view before printing?

The "File Uploader" is great if you have a few files that you would the Lab Technicians to look over before you place your online order. 

Our "Designer Photo" Books are a great way to share your stories with family and friends.  

It can happen to anyone. You think you have everything off your card or you might delete an image you didn't want to delete. We might be able to help. 

​Looking for prints sizes that are outside the norm?

Want to add some extra touches to your photos?

Yes we are able to print any size that you can think of. Whether you need a small print or a large wall print we can accommodate your needs. 

Need photos for your lockets?

​The University Photo Staff  is commited to providing our customers with the highest of quality services. We recognize that quality over quantity matters and our customers choose us for that personal touch. While we live in the digital age, not everything can be done with the help of a computer, or there are certain things that you may need help with. Our Store Services are here to provide you with the services you can’t find anywhere else.

With our "Print Finishing" services we can put the finishing touches on your photographs so the are ready for display for all your family and friends.     

Did you accidentally hit the "Delete"  button?

Looking for a way to share your story in photos?

Need passport, immigration or visa photos?

We know family heritage is important, so let us digitally restore your old photographs so that they won't be lost to future generations.  

You bought the perfect keepsake locket but now you need a print to fit. Let us make it easy for you.   

Need to bring some old photos back to life?

Have a few blemishes that need touched up, or perhaps something removed or added to a photo? No problem!  

Whether you are applying for a new passport or renewing one for your nest big trip, trust it to the professionals.     

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