We’ll put the finishing touches on your artwork!

You chose to print your images with us because like you we believe quality matters, so now it’s time to add the finishing touches so you can proudly display your artwork for your family and friends. We will gladly mount and spray your prints to help them last for generations.

Styrene is a very smooth board. It is not hydroscopic and is not effected by changes in humidity. Changes in humidity will not cause warping. We use .040 (about 3/64˝) on 8x10 and smaller and .080 is used on 11x14 and larger.

Gatorfoam is 3/16˝ thick and very ridged. It is sealed with a plastic coating on the back and will not warp. This board is ideal for display and presentation of larger prints and graphics that are not going to be framed.

UV Spray Coating Provides protection from UV rays and seals the print with a very hard surface so it can be displayed without putting it behind glass.

Please contact us at 515-223-5462 or our Lab Questions page.

Print Finishing

Service Time:  1-2 days

Store Services: Print Finishing