"Do the wallets have rounded corners?"

Wallets are printed eight to a sheet on our lustre photo paper and are die cut to give them the professional looking rounded corners. Wallets that are ordered as a “yearbook glossy” are printed two up on a 3½x5, do not have the rounded corners and are not cut apart.

"What is the best online ordering system for me to use?"

Both online ordering software options that Univesity Photo offers, support Windows or Mac.

With the QP Prints ordering option there is no need to download software making it a great option for quick orders from your computer or mobile device. It also allows you to order prints from your Facebook or Instagram page(s).

The ROES Retail software allows you to order prints like the professionals. Simply download the software, add your images, select your catalog and place your order. The one big advantage to the ROES Retail software is that if you place an order but can't send it right away the software will hold your order for later.

"What is an Ultra Color print?"

Ultra prints are so named because of the UltraChrome HDR Ink technology that is used in the printing process. With the ten-color printing system, there is an extreme color gamut, especially within the midtone-to-highlight color ranges. What does it mean to have such a wide color gamut? It means that now there is better photographic accuracy, color and clarity. No more problems with skin colors and there is more detail in the shadows and highlights of your images.

"What is the difference between Classic and Ultra Prints?"

Classic prints are printed using a RA4 process, meaning it is a chemical process and printed on Kodak Lustre paper. Ultra prints are printed using an inkjet process and printed using Premium Photo paper.

All print sizes that are over 12x18 are printed as an Ultra Print. We highly recommeded using the Ultra print option for photographs that you need to color match between sizes. We also recommend the Ultra Print option if you are going to hang a series of photographs together on a wall.

"When will prints from my online order be ready for pick up?"

Orders with print sizes that are 12x18 and smaller are usually a 1 business day turnaround. Orders with print sizes larger than 12x18 are a 2-3 business day turnaround. Manufactured items, such as, greeting cards and photo gifts are a 2-3 business day turnaround. Orders received after 2 p.m. Monday-Thursday will be considered received on the next business day. Orders received after 2 p.m. Friday will be considered received on Monday. Turnaround times may vary due to holiday hours, product availability or technical issues. Rush orders are available upon request for a minimum $10.00 charge.

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